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George Hotel Reference Form
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George Hotel Reference Form

Thank you for supplying this reference for the named candidate on the request email you received.

We would be grateful if you could comment on the applicant in the sections below and submit this form when completed.

The information you provide will be used to make an assessment on the applicant to see if they are suitable for employment with our company so please ensure all information supplied is factual and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Please be aware as part of the candidates right to view information held about them (if employed) this reference would have to be disclosed to them if they requested it.

This ID number will be in the email request you received
This is the name of the person you are supplying the reference for
This should be the employment start date, school start date of the date since you have known the applicant
This should be the employment end date or school end date. Please enter n/a if still in current employment, school or if your supplying a personal reference
Please enter why they left their employment or enter N/A if you are supplying a school or personal reference
Please select N/A if supplying a school or personal reference
Person supplying the reference
Please enter personal reference if this is the case